Afterbirth - 2014 Demo

by Afterbirth

  • Afterbirth - 2014 Demo. Limited edition slimline jewel case with 2 panel insert
    Compact Disc (CD)

    Afterbirth's first official demo in 20 years! 4 SONGS, ALL NEW MATERIAL!

    This demo was originally created with the intention to shop to labels in hopes of a record deal to further push and promote the band. It was never intended to be released for sale to the general public, but with the recent departure of vocalist Matt Duncan from the Afterbirth ranks, the remaining members of the band decided that it would be best to put this out to the fans as the last relic of Matt's guttural vocal contributions. Instrumental versions of each song are included when you purchase the digital version. Fans who purchase the physical edition will receive an immediate digital download that also includes the instrumental versions of each track.

    Only 50 of these demos were made (again, because it was only intended for distribution to various labels, hence the small quantity) so it is an extremely limited item and likely to become another collector's item for rabid Afterbirth fans, much like the 'Psychopathic Embryotomy' demo has since become.

    Scoop this item up while it is still available as it will never be made available as a physical item again once all of the copies of have sold out.

    Limited edition of only 50 copies. Slimeline jewel case with 2 panel insert. Full color art on insert as well as CD. Artwork by Cody Drasser.

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released July 21, 2014

David Case - Bass
Cody Drasser - Guitar
Keith Harris - Drums
Matt Duncan - Vocals (no longer an active member of the band)



Afterbirth New York

Progressive and technical brutal metal/death metal from Long Island, NY since 1993. One of the earliest progeniitors of the brutal/slam styles of death metal

Dave Case/Bass
Cody Drasser/Guitar
Keith Harris/Drums
Will Smith/Vocals
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